Design lock by TESA (previously known as “Inhova”) where the reader is independent from the handle with RFID PROXIMITY technology.


Design lock where the reader is independent from the handle with RFID PROXIMITY 13,56 MHz identification technology: ISO 15693 and ISO 14443A (MIFARE). Operation mode: on-line (Wireless). Higher storage capacity and data protection. High data transmission speed compatible with NFC mobile phones. Security: the information is protected and encrypted. Integration with other hotel facilities. Reading and writing or wireless locks.


  • The locks and the software communicate in real time, recording right away all the information stored in the locks:
  • Staff’s access schedule.
  • Attempts of openings from non authorized
  • Attempts of openings outside the schedules and shits, guest’s accesses to hotel commodities.
  • Remote report of locks with low battery level.
  • Intrusion alarm.
  • And updating in the moment any change made in the software’s database:
  • Giving access to users and guests.
  • Denying access to users and guests.
  • Remote opening of the door from the software.
  • Remote activation of passage mode.
  • Block/unblock of the doors.
  • Time setting.



  • Identification technology: read and write 13,56MHz RFID contactless chip.
  • Activation mode: The lock is activated without a previous contact. Low consumption.


  • Three 1,5V alkaline batteries like the LR03 AAA.
  • Estimated duration: 3 years or 20.000 cycles
  • Batteries easily changed without having to dismantle the lock.
  • Humidity: Up to 85% without condensation.
  • Temperature: Between 0ºC and 65ºC with alkaline batteries.
  • Fire: The Spy electronic lock is certified by the CIDEMCO laboratory as fire resistant for 90 minutes (RF90).
  • Standard width of the door from 35 to 110 mm.

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