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Google Calendar

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KSK Room Booking Solution

Why buy it?

Enhance your meeting rooms with simple but powerful solution.
KSK Room Booking is a modern solution providing fast and simple-to-use room booking experience to company members. It allows to make booking of specific office, meeting room, device or any POI based on your requirements with minimum efforts and initial learning due to integration with Google Calendar.

Where it fits to?

Anywhere a person may need information about room or venue status.
Solution can be implemented with no limitations to any indoor and outdoor environment in the following segments:

  • Corporate (large office spaces, branch offices, warehouses)
  • Retail (shopping malls)
  • Transportation (airports, train or bus stations, rental car services)
  • Education (schools, university campuses)
  • Healthcare (hospitals, clinics, SPA resorts)
  • Public venues (city navigation, bus shelters, cinema theatres)
  • Governmental (state institutions, agencies)

Available for


You will get all of this with our solution:


LG webOS, Samsung SSSP and Android screens supported

Cloud solution

Secure and stable cloud solution provides easy implementation


Optional feature for strict internal policies


Choose Wi-Fi in case of no wired connection


All company data is protected securely


Optional feature multi-language environment


Easy and intuitive interface

Google Calendar

Seamless and fast room booking via the most popular calendar

Intuitive and simple

No need to teach staff or colleagues


Optional one-time purchase license and no monthly subscription fees

Support package

Optional technical support and maintenance

Indoor and Outdoor

Applicable for implementation in any environment


Choose from several flexible pricing plans which suits to you the most.

  • 1 year subscription
  • 25 Eur / month
  • 3 year subscription
  • 20 Eur / month
  • Life-time subscription
  • 950 Eur


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