The predecessor of the Kalev Spa was Kalevi Ujula (Kalev swimming pool) built in the ’60s. The 50-metre pool that was spectacular for its time was designed in the 1950s by Uno Tölpus, a leading architect of the time. The pool was completed in 1965 and several international swimming competitions took place here.

In 2005, the reconstruction of the pool began, with the goal of turning it into a contemporary holiday and leisure centre. It was reopened in the beginning of 2006. The new building complex was designed by the architect Emil Urbel and the author of its interior design is Taavi Aunre. A hotel with 100 rooms, a restaurant, cafés, Beauty and Health Centre and Fitness Centre were built. The reconstructed pool is to this day one of the main training venues for Estonian swimmers. The 50-metre pool became the largest water park in North Estonia, complete with exciting rides, relaxing saunas and pools offering underwater massage.