Otrum provides your hotel with a user-friendly and calable guest internet service over both wireless and cabled infrastructure. For hotels using Otrum Enterprise a benefit is the ability to use your existing coax TV antenna cabling to provide ethernet connections to your rooms – the coax cable can carry the data traffic as well as TV signals.

Flexible and Secure solution

The  solution is very flexible because it allows you to adapt the bandwidth, free sites and access times which gives you the ability to grant your guests tiered access to the network through online payment, billing to the room, vouchers printed from reception or by charging a credit card.  The guest can use multiple mobile devices during their stay, it is up to you to decide how many and data traffic, shared folders and private information will not be visible to other users.

Hardware Configuration

  • Otrum internet gateway
  • One button access code printer for reception
  • Otrum firewall
  • In room cat5 connectivity if combined with Otrum Enterprise, regardless of hotel cable network

Software Configuration

  • Free pages
  • Branded interface
  • Tiered access, configure levels by changing time and bandwidth
  • Several mac-adresses per person/room
  • Configurable free rooms and accounts
  • Conference access
  • 24 hour Guest support
  • Secure access
  • Printer solution

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