Keeping guests happy and coming back – with Simply Better Wireless.

Ruckus for Hospitality

Fully-loaded, fully-capable, and fully-standard, Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi products and patented technologies offer unmatched simplicity, ridiculous reliability, and killer coverage — at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

Wireless is no longer just another amenity at hotels, to go along with avocado facials and foo-foo drinks. It’s become a prerequisite for doing business — period. Hotels aiming to increase Revenues Per Available Room (RevPAR) and maximize profitability are jumping on the wireless bandwagon, as:

  • Hotel staff can use mobile WiFi devices to securely access reservation and administration tools from anywhere on the property, ensuring high levels of service
  • Wireless point of sale (PoS) systems can allow staff to take orders for foods and other amenities at poolside and around the property
  • Wireless voice communications between hotel employees can help keep everything running smoothly
  • Hotels can offer WiFi in guest rooms and common areas for free, or bundled in a communications package
  • Guests can use WiFi for their high definition audio and video devices, such as iPods or Slingboxes


Ruckus Access Points


ZoneFlex wireless access points(APs) integrate BeamFlex, Ruckus patented smart antenna technology that focuses WiFi signals only where they’re needed. BeamFlex picks the best-performing path for Wi-Fi signals,constantly routing them around interference. It’s just one reason why, in Ruckus-reliable hotels, complaints about wireless have dropped by 80 percent or more, as guests enjoy:

  • Stronger WiFi signals
  • Ubiquitous coverage
  • Better, more stable connections
  • Consistent performance