TESA (previously known as “Inhova”) proximity knob cylinders are elements of easy and intuitive use, effective and easy to install, perfects for new construction or replacement.

The characteristics of the proximity electronic cylinder are:

  • Unlocking of the door using a proximity credential.
  • Autonomous operation, installation without wiring. It uses standard battery.
  • When the electronic cylinder is in close mode, the external knob turns freely, avoiding the need to force it.
  • Narrow design: allows the installation in all kind of doors and existing mortise locks with European profile cylinder.
  • Compatible with NFC (Near Field Communication) mobile phones.


The proximity knob cylinders work like on-line RFID wired devices, but with an standard battery totally. The cylinders and the software communicate in real time, collecting right away all the information stored in his memory:

  • Staff’s access events.
  • Attempts of openings from non authorized users.
  • Attempts of openings outside the shifts, guest’s accesses to hotel commodities.
  • Remote report of cylinders with low battery level.

Updating in the moment any change made in the software’s database:

  • Giving / Denying access to users and guests.
  • Guest stay extension.
  • Remote opening of the door from the software.
  • Remote activation of pass mode.
  • Block/unblock of the doors.
  • Time setting


  • Identification technology RFID 13,56MHz Read and Write contactless chip, MIFARE CLASSIC 1K y 4K and ULTRALIGHT.
  • Activation mode: the cylinder is activated without previous contact. Low power consumption.
  • Reading distance: 10 mm with standard credentials.
  • The jack connecting to the Portable Programmer is in the reading unit.
  • Warning LED red and green. Different warnings: authorized or denied access, low battery level, etc.
  • Types of batteries: 1 unit CR123A lithium.
  • Autonomy: 40.000 operations or 2 years.
  • Batteries easily changed without having to dismount the cylinder.
  • Humidity: Up to 85% without condensation.
  • Temperature: the external part between -10ºC and 70ºC; the internal part between 0ºC and 50ºC.
  • Fire resistance certificated: 30’, 60’ y 90’ UNEEN 1634:2000.
  • IP52.