Opening through code. New top opening for convenience to enter the computer and other belongings. Emergency lock magnet hidden under exchangeable cover. With audit trail function.


  • Motorized opening system by 3 to 6 digits code
  • Flat digital keypad LED¬†program code screen with 2 languages operating instructions
  • Braille code, acoustic indicators and leds especially designed to improve its use by disabled persons
  • Master code (with relay programmable option) and audit trail function, and manual key over ride for¬†emergency openings
  • Audit trail reporting function identifying all safe openings and closings executed. They can be printed by a compact printer.
  • Great opening

Features upon request:

  • Colour change
  • Dimensions change
  • Customized keypad
  • Multizone plug
  • Rental system

Construction and Finishing:

  • Solid carbon steel construction
  • Ultra reliable 2 chromed steel bolts of 20 mm. diameter
  • Great opening hinges to ease the laptop entry
  • Elegant anti-corrosion paint
  • Interior carpet
  • Anchor points and fixing bolts for floor or wall mounting
  • 4 alkaline batteries AA included
  • Matt Black colour

Available dimensions: