New safes SUPRA operate using code 3 to 8 digits or sliding the card through the magnetic stripe reader. Motorized opening, audit function of opening and closing.

Plastic card opening option allows visitor to use his payment or discount card in order to open safe.


  • Motorized opening
  • Keypad with LED lightng program code.
  • Wide door opening
  • Audit trail reporting function identifying all safe openings and closings executed printed by a compact printer connected to safe or by a handheld unit
  • Manual key override for emergency openings
  • Handheld unit + code or only the code for emergency openings
  • Acoustic indicators and leds especially designed to improve its use by disabled persons

Features upon request:

  • Laser cut
  • Colour change
  • Dimensions change
  • Customized keypad
  • Internal power outlet
  • Multizone plug
  • Rental system

Construction and Finishing:

  • Solid carbon steel construction
  • Ultra reliable 2 chromed steel bolts of 20 mm. diameter
  • Great opening hinges to ease the laptop entry
  • Elegant anti-corrosion paint
  • Interior carpet base
  • Anchor points and fixing bolts for floor or wall mounting
  • 4 alkaline batteries AA included

Available dimensions: