KSK Wayfinding is a solution providing fast and simple-to-use wayfinding experience to visitors and guests. It vividly shows route to specific office, meeting room, person, device or any POI based on your requirements. Visitor can also receive direction guidelines to personal mobile device seamlessly for future usage.

Queue Management System

KSK Queue Management System is a modern solution providing seamless control of visitors flow. Our solution is easily customizable based on specific needs of any business. Moreover, customer can upgrade existing solution with additional modules based on their growing needs in future.

Room Booking

Enhance your meeting rooms with simple but powerful solution providing fast and simple-to-use room booking experience. It allows to make booking with minimum efforts and initial learning due to touch screen interface and integration with Google Calendar.

Weather Signage

Information about current weather conditions and weather forecast. Adaptive background displays current weather conditions and delivers information to the viewer even from large distances (comparing to small icons).

News & Weather Signage

Information about actual news on digital signage screens. Provide your customers with the latest updates from the World. You can choose between showing all the latest news, or news from specific category (for example, sports).

Flight Schedule Signage

Show information about real-time flight schedules from any airport in the world to your customers. This cross-platform software solution provides you capability to add advertising zones, additional updates about weather, news, etc.