Screen sizes: 22″, 28″, 32″, 40″, 43″, 49″, 55″.

This affordable solution allows you to provide your guests with optimized Hotel TV features and provides you remote and centralized control over all TVs via RF (COAX cable) including but not limited to:

Informational pages

Provide your guests with information about your hotel, special offers, events, restaurant menu, must-see places around you and etc. Everything on one screen. Save paper print costs.

Welcome Message with Guest Name

Welcome each guest personally by showing Title, Name and Surname on TV screen in guestroom.

Auto Language Setting

Show your care about every guest by setting his or her native language settings on TV.

Billing Information

Send personal billing information directly on guest’s TV screen.

Advanced Wake-up Time, Weather, Map Services

Provide your guests with what is really important services.

One Channel Map

Channel mapping allows you to edit and list the channels you desire from any of the multiple broadcasting signals (DVB-T/C, analog or radio) connected to the TV. Upload single channel map to all connected TVs simultaniously.

Hotel Mode

Prevent misuse by customers, set volume limits, or reset the default settings on any TV.

Welcome Screen

First impressions are important. Having warm greeting messages with your Hotel name and logo on the TVs will let your guests feel more welcomed and cared for.

Welcome Video

Let your guests watch promotional clip or short movie about your hotel when he turns TV on.

USB Cloning

It  allows you to simply copy the TV settings to all TVs using a USB, a process that is fully automated to save a lot of time without setting each TV one by one.


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