Provide interactive experienes for customers engaged in retail or commercial venues. It is used in various high-traffic locations such as subway and exhibition halls for interactive way-finding and informational purposes.

Features of touch screens

There are 2 different solutions: touch overlays and screens with built-in touch functionality. Each solution has own advantages and applications.


Higher durability

Durability of some touch screens is improved with 5mm protection glass in order to avoid possible bad external impacts on screen. Built-in touch overlay seamlessly attaches to the screen creating no gap for dust or fog to enter and cause a malfunction.

Ghost-free touch

When touching the screen, it is possible to express your writing or drawing with ‘no ghosting’ for clean and seamless navigation.

Up to 10 points multi-touch

Because there is no need for a separate pen, you can easily utilize it with the touch of your hands. It provides a more realistic sense of touch since it can recognize up to 10 simultaneous touches at once.


24/7 Operation

Professional Screens can operate 24/7 (not turning power off) within 3 years without any damages to matrix or display quality.

Landscape and Portrait Mode

Mount your screen vertically or horizontally according to you requirements. Professional Screens can operate in any mode.

Life time of display

Typically professional screens have about 60,000 hours of life time (almost 7 years).

Temperature Sensor

This feature allows you to get information about screen’s condition remotely and make immidiate actions in case of emergency.


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